The Results

Research project revealed that ‘Key to Learning’ curriculum had a positive effect on achievement in young children. The results are extremely positive and unique.

The development of abilities leads to significant changes in children’s personalities. They begin to plan and organise their own activities, openly express their point of view, provide non-standard solutions for various problems, interact freely with other people and what is most important, believe in themselves and their abilities.

Development is not an accumulation of knowledge, facts, information or skills. In fact, it’s not the accumulation of anything! It’s qualitative transformation:

They know how to learn
  • Can interpret the world and it’s sign systems
  • Can make choices and state preferences
  • Can explore different possibilities
  • Know what to do, when you don’t know what to do
  • Have a positive attitude to learning
  • Use models, that are schematised and generalised representations of objects, processes and their relationships
  • Orient themselves in a new material quickly
  • Can adapt and apply what they can already do to brand new situations that they have not encountered before

The development of cognitive abilities is very important in preparing children for school. But what is important is not so much what they already know as their readiness to learn new things; their ability to learn with and from others; to think, imagine, reach conclusions, create stories, draw and build structures with building blocks.

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