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vygotsky in action"In Key to Learning Galina Dolya transforms all this Vygotskian theory into a clear, accessible course of practice for children between the ages of three and seven.

Through two small-group sessions a day – as part of a language rich, play-based early years curriculum – the twelve strands of the Developmental Cognitive Curriculum provide them with a basic toolkit to develop learning abilities and enable them to access all areas of human knowledge.

As school systems throughout the UK become increasingly aware of the importance of structured ageappropriate practice for the under sevens, I hope Key to Learning will prove the key that helps a generation of British teachers to discover the excitement and effectiveness of Vygotskian principles and practice." Sue Palmer

Key to Learning can be used in any Early Years setting to complement, extend, enrich and systematise existing good practice The teacher's book contains an introduction to the theoretical underpinnings of the Vygotskian approach to early years, 36 teaching sessions for practitioners to try out with their children and 24 activities for children to carry out with parents at home. It has now been introduced successfully in a wide variety of different pre-school and school settings, both in England and abroad. Ongoing research projects confirm that the Key to Learning curriculum has a profound and positive impact on young children's achievements.

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resource filesThis Resource CD-ROM is a supplement to the book for those practitioners who would like to try the Key to Learning sessions in a classroom setting.

The CD-ROM has all the files necessary to produce the resources for ten children to be actively engaged in these sessions.

Simply identify the activity you wish to introduce to your children, print it and where necessary cut out the appropriate shapes and/or pictures.

For best results the sheets should be laminated.

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finger gym bookWhen children start writing and drawing, their fingers and hands have to work as hard as a marathon runner's legs. But no one would dream of trying to run a marathon without doing some training first.

The FINGER GYM™ programme can provide that training. It helps to develop strong, flexible fingers, hands and arms. It promotes better hand-eye coordination, differentiated movement and manual dexterity. It fosters children's use and understanding of spoken language. It builds cognitive abilities and provides opportunities to practise self-regulation.Above all it helps hands prepare physically for writing, building a secure foundation required for the acquisition of legible, rapid and fluent handwriting.

So why not have some fun getting their little fingers into training? You can do it anywhere and any time all you need is your hands.

Finger Gym is suitable for all children from 9 months to 9 years. It is an invaluable play resource for parents and carers, teachers, classroom assistants and Early Years practitioners, teachers of English as a foreign or additional language, SEN coordinators, speech therapists and occupational therapists.

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ideasforparents bookBy the time our children are ready for nursery, we know them much better than the most dedicated teacher in the world could hope to know them. We also care much more deeply about what becomes of them. We want them to be happy, safe and healthy; and we want them to achieve their full potential.

The Key to Learning Treasure Chest for Parents has been created to allow parents and their children to discover some of the unique benefits of the Vygotskian Key to Learning Curriculum which is being used to amazing effect in hundreds of schools across Europe.

In the book you will find instructions for 123 games to play with your child. There are games to play indoors, games to play outside, and games to keep your child entertained on journeys. None of the games requires specialist equipment.

These games will help your child to:

  • understand symbols
  • concentrate, focus and remember
  • communicate clearly
  • be inquisitive and creative
  • think about cause and effect
  • practise hand-eye co-ordination
  • experiment with colours, shapes, sizes and textures
  • respond to the natural and the built environment
  • explore emotions and express themselves
  • solve problems creatively

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